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by “No Barriers” nonprofit project

This article shows a multitude of arguments that ​costs of nonprofit and business registration (and liquidation) should be set to zero. It also addresses setting to zero court fees and identity documents issue, etc.

The arguments range politics, economics, social sphere, anecdotal evidences, morality, and even Bible. The point that these fees should be zero is proven indisputably.

It was founded an NGO to promote this position. Become an active member, donate to save world economy and eliminate poverty throughout the world. Buy our merchandise.

The conspectus of the arguments:

  • equality of rights of rich and poor
  • importance of exponential grow
  • registration/liquidation and tax declaration fees are racket
  • morality (social responsibility for nonprofits and inequality of small business and big businesses and the role of the state), immorality may lead to an anarchic revolution with uncontrollable domination of cryptocurrencies
  • discrimination and international business
  • economical grow is to be voted for
  • to make better statistics
  • ​classes of the society or class-less society
  • fees leading to tax avoidance
  • large corporations vs micro-businesses
  • state as a monopoly or not a subject of the market
  • an anecdotal example of our NGO itself
  • need to register an LLC to get a credit, risk management for small business, also a case of a smart scientist
  • Bible quotes
  • Bible about love

Then there follow possible counter-arguments which are easily shown to be void:

  • Nobody does that.
  • Every service must be paid.
  • To pay for this we would need to increase taxes.
  • It would result in too many NGOs and businesses.
  • Opening business is expensive in any case.

Finally it is shown that court costs also need to be reduced. It is doubtful that decreasing court fees will increase expenses of the state.

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