Economical barriers exist to kill minorities

An excursion to Russian politics: Vladimir Putin and his prime minister Medvedev say at least almost every month like “Bureaucracy should be eliminated, economical barriers removed.” Why Putin is unable to do what he wants? The first word comes to mind is “stupidity”. But what is the particular reason? Honestly, I do not know.

But I will provide the best explanation I know. It is to harm Baptists (no, I am not a Baptist). Sounds too silly to be true, but it is a well known scientific fact that people are irrational. Russians want to drown their economy to kill Baptists. It is indecent to kill Baptists with knives. But it does not look so to kill them together with all Russia. How is it related with Baptists? Read my another post.

Now an interesting question: Why Americans and almost everyone through the world do the same? Maybe Americans do it to kill black and Latino? To drown your economy just for the sake of following the tradition? For fun? Start to follow our economical policy.

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