Moral debt of the society to small business

Business registration fees should be set to zero. It is a moral debt of the state toward small businesses to provide them freedom and not cause to him pay higher (relatively) fees than big business. Otherwise, it may be better an anarchic revolution: The society grabs money from small business and does not return it. Better no state and complete switch to BitCoin than such a state. I even think the issue of setting these fees to zero is critical for the state, if our policies won’t be followed that is morality toward small business ignored, it can be completely destroyed (by lack of enough economical grow of small business) and dominated by BitCoin instead of the state, bearing in mind all deficiencies of anarchy on the Earth. For nonprofit registration the problem is even more explicit: The current system requires anyone wanting to do good for the society to pay for this from his own pocket as it were his own commerce! It is a need of society to pay for this. Set registration fees to zero!

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