Set fees to zero to fight discrimination

Another reason why we want to eliminate economical barriers is to fight discrimination. As a past Baptist in Russia I know this very well. If somebody cannot find a job (e.g. because of discrimination) the only outcome for his is to start a business (perhaps international business, among other for discrimination in his home country). And now the state puts barriers to kill his business and kill him by hunger. Another issue: To start economical grow, it should be just voted for, just follow the policies of our nonprofit in your country, simple as that! But what about Russia in particular? Once I said to some official: We need free economy. His response was laughable: (even not knowing that I was a Baptist) he said: If we make our economy free, everything will be taken by Baptists. This is the reason for no economical grow in Russia: they decided to freeze economical grow. Farewell Russia, your problem, I am in Israel already 12 years.

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