The structure of governance and membership of our political nonprofit

We need to decide the structure of governance and membership of our political nonprofit.

Currently we are going to create a small board of partisans with me being the CEO. I want our organization to be governed democratically, but I tend to prefer if new board members will be assigned (and resigned) by existing board members to be sure that we don’t lose our ideology. However we should also consider open membership scheme where the board would be voted by members who are accepted after a little ideological checking (the full list of questions a prospective member must answer?) This scheme is probably less stable against fluctuations of ideology. We don’t want to be transformed into a regular left or right party.

Concerning membership: What exactly should be the criterion of accepting new members? Should we require a membership fee? If yes, how much exactly it should be? Should the fee be fixed or at the member’s choice? What is the criterion (if any) and the procedure for excluding members? Should we require every member to like our pages at Facebook? Should membership be based on a closed (or maybe open?) Facebook group specifically for members? Please discuss.

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