Ignore all the below. After the US government stole $550.46 from me, we are nonprofit unregistered in Russia. I don’t want to deal with toxic US.

US government stole $550.46 from me.

I paid $400 to register a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the US that is the right to operate in the US. Now I have no person with SSN in the nonprofit and so PayPal locked my $150.46 on a nonprofit account. Total $550.46 stolen or cheated (no right for which I paid and no return of borrowed money).

The funny thing is that I can just stop two scientific projects and the would lose trillions of dollars (in addition to what they already lost with their silly behavior).

This Web site is controlled by Victor Porton’s Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity registered in Colorado, USA. Tax ID: EIN 474102582.

This site is set to promote elimination of economical barriers for business, nonprofits, and people throughout the world. With a special interest at registration/liquidation of businesses, NGOs, and opening accounts.

Another purpose of the site is to promote straightening economical dependencies to make money real money and trade real trade, for most effective economics.

The site is governed by a board of directors and the CEO (who is also a member of the board). All decisions are made by simple majority (of the participating persons) voting (with at least 50% quorum) of the board of directors with the CEO having the deciding vote when the votes of the board split equally. The CEO also has the authority to make less important decisions without consulting the board.

The charter can be changed by board voting.

It is planned to democratize the NGO by introducing membership and elections of the board and CEO by the members, but the democratization is to happen only when we can ensure that this democratization won’t drift our ideology. So we will switch to simple majority voting with the project leader having a deciding vote when votes split equally when we will have at least 12 voting members.

Any person can become a member when he confirms a questionary confirming agreement with basic ideas of the project and subscribes with a membership fee.

The project is to be financed by donations, possible grants, and selling products with our ads.

The NGO is served by volunteers and/or paid employees.